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Fishing Conditions

Halfmoon Creek

Mar 27, 2015

June 18, 2012


Back down to the 30-40 cfs range, Halfmoon Creek is in good shape for wade fishing. Think stimulators, caddis, hoppers, and attractor dries like Royal Wulffs and Humpies.

Location Information

Halfmoon Creek

Though its flows are mostly diverted to Forebay and Twin Lakes, and hence, rarely impact the quantity or quality of water in the Arkansas River, Halfmoon Creek is of interest as a tributary fishery to the Arkansas River and, because it has a USGS flow gauge on it, as a representative upper basin tributary for purposes of comparison. By reviewing flows on Halfmoon Creek, one can get a fair idea what similar tributary streams that arise from the northern Sawatch range are doing, in terms of percent of average flow and degree of daily fluctuation due to snowmelt. Draining the extensive valley between Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive and bordering on the Mt. Massive Wilderness, Halfmoon Creek is also a summer fishing destination in its own right with two campgrounds and access by trail and primitive road.