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Fishing Conditions

Tunnels Access

May 24, 2015

June 18, 2012

The Tunnels area above Buena Vista is flowing at about 230 cfs and is cool and clear. Dry-dropper rigs combining a big buoyant dry (stimulator, parachute madam x, foam hopper, etc...) with a size 16 tungsten beadhead are doing well anywhere with good structure and current. Look for fish in riffles when midges or pale morning duns are emerging. Otherwise, expect them to be a little deeper in half speed water with some cover.

Location Information

Tunnels Access

Upstream of Buena Vista, along the east side of the river, County Road 371 provides areas of public fishing access to the Arkansas. In particular, the “Tunnel Section”, where the road passes through several tunnels left over from the Midland Railroad line, provides a significant reach of water with good shoreline access. Though not as steep as the Granite Gorge, the Tunnels and the section of river accessed near the Railroad Bridge campground upstream contain swift moving pocket water and some deep green runs where rapids plunge into pools. As above, most anglers on this section of the river keep to the edges, where many of the river’s brown trout reside outside of the faster water.