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Fishing Conditions

Ptarmigan Lake

Apr 01, 2015

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Ptarmigan Lake is now iced off and fishable. Figure that cutthroats will be more occupied with spawning than feeding for a little while. Still, they will eat and the scenery up there is fantastic!

Location Information

Ptarmigan Lake

Just east of Jones Mountain on the Gladstone Ridge separating the Middle and South Forks of Cottonwood Creek, Ptarmigan Lake (about 12,000 ft) provides intrepid hikers with some exercise, spectacular scenery, and the chance at some significant high elevation cutthroats. With trails accessing it from both the north and south, Ptarmigan gets a fair bit of mid-summer traffic. But for those able to hit it soon after ice-out, usually near the end of June, the lake provides some memorable days of fishing. Ptarmigan is also a good indicator lake – conditions there are generally reflective of other lakes of similar elevation in the middle Sawatch Range.