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As float fishing has grown in popularity, many anglers have considered the next step: purchasing a boat and learning to row themselves. Toward that end, the Arkansas River is not only a great fishery but an excellent classroom, sections of the river varying in gradient and technicality to the degree that one can build a sequential series of lessons simply by moving around the corridor. Scheduled on demand, just like our float and wade trips, our individualized rowing instruction will take the beginning or intermediate boater to the next level through an emphasis on scouting and reading rapids, defensive boating, river dynamics, eddy utilization, ferrying techniques, and river safety.

Available March through October. Your boat or ours.


5-Day Rowing School

The ArkAnglers Float Fishing School is a five day intensive course on learning to row for recreational guiding of float fishing. Over the period of the five day program, the course will provide approximately 50 hours of training and exposure to a variety of safety topics. The course does not purport to “make a float fishing guide of you” – rather, it is meant to provide the foundation in boating skills that would allow one to pursue a career in guiding or to enjoy recreational float fishing with friends and family. The course is meant to move each participant as far down the path as they are able to progress. We will not be emphasizing whitewater in this school, but certainly there will be many rapids run. For those who wish to explore more advanced whitewater, we recommend participation in one of the many swiftwater rescue classes available in Colorado. Ask us for details if you would like more information. 

Spring 2023 Dates: March 22-26

Cost: $1,750.00 per student



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8:00 AM

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Arkansas River

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