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Spinney Mountain Reservoir Shoreline - Full Day

Set on the South Platte River between Antero and Elevenmile Reservoirs, and also holding the middle ground in terms of depth, Spinney Mountain Reservoir is a highly productive fishery that routinely generates 5+ pound trout. Known for its callibaetis and damselfly hatches, as well as an abundant population of scuds, trout grow quickly in these waters and respond well to both suspension nymphing and surface presentations, depending on the time of year and insect activity. Like Antero, Spinney Mountain Reservoir offers a great alternative to the Arkansas River during the high water period in June.


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Departure Time:

5:30 AM from Salida, 6:00 AM from Buena Vista

Trip Type:

Alpine Lakes and Streams


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Buena Vista Office
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