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Perhaps nothing distinguishes the Colorado fly-fishing experience like casting to cruising cutthroats at timberline. The hike up through the forest, thin air and delicate wildflowers, spectacular views down valley, the remaining snowfields still dripping in the higher cirques…it all combines with the crystal clear water and outsized fish to impart an otherworldliness to the fishing. Despite the attention lavished on the fabled waters of the Arkansas River, the valley is also home to one of the greatest concentrations of alpine lakes in the Rockies, most of which hold healthy populations of trout. As the summer unfolds, ArkAnglers guides follow the receding ice to higher and higher elevations, sharing this special fishing experience with intrepid guests through September.

Conducted under permission of the San Isabel National Forest, our high elevation trips vary in intensity from short walks to multiple hour hikes, depending on the experience and ability of our guests. Some lakes are easily worked from shore; others are best fished from inflatable float tubes that we pack in with us.


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8:00 AM

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Alpine Lakes and Streams
Wade Fishing


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