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Dream Stream (South Platte) - Full Day

Just over the hill to the east of Buena Vista, one crosses the divide between the Arkansas River drainage and that of the South Platte. And though the waters that feed them flow from that same dividing ridge, from snow fallen from the same winter clouds, the two rivers that result are of fundamentally different character. The Dream Stream, that section of the South Platte between Spinney Mountain and Elevenmile reservoirs, is a high meadow tailwater fishery, with a highly regulated flow and water temperature, deep cut banks amid sinuous oxbows, rich populations of aquatic invertebrates, and large resident fish that are both selective and spirited. Add in seasonal spawning runs of cutthroats, rainbows and brown trout from Elevenmile Reservoir and the derivation of this segment’s name becomes clear.

Best-suited to intermediate anglers, the fishing on the Dream Stream is often technical, combining careful imitation of insects with delicate presentation on the water. The fish can be selective, spooky…good teachers for the angler looking to improve her game.


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Departure Time:

8:00 AM, or meet us at the river

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Wade Fishing


South Platte River

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