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Arkansas River Wade Fishing - Full Day

The Arkansas River is a dynamic freestone fishery. Water temperatures rise and fall over the course of a day, the sun beats down or clouds move in, the angle of the light or the barometric pressure or the wind changes. Tied to these environmental forces, the river’s aquatic insect populations go through different stages of their life cycles, become more active or dormant, and in doing so become more or less available to the fish. It’s a rare day that fish won’t eat. More often, the angler is challenged to figure out what it is they will eat and where in the river they’d prefer to eat it.

For those who are new to the Arkansas River or wishing to improve their understanding of it, this trip combines focused instruction and interpretation with the events of a full day on the water. Rather than a snapshot, the trip is more like a full length film, a more complete story about how to fish the river and ways to improve one’s technique. Available year-round in Salida or from April-October in Buena Vista, there is no better way to get a handle on Arkansas River fishing.


*Private water Arkansas River wade trips are available out of both our Salida and Buena Vista shops.  Please call our stores for more details.


A 5% state parks use fee will be applied to trip at checkout.


Departure Time:

8:00 AM

Trip Type:

Wade Fishing


Arkansas River

Leaves From:

Buena Vista Office
Salida Office

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