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Arkansas River Float Fishing - Full Day

A full day float on the Arkansas is the best way to take the full measure of this river and its fishery. Typically running from 8:00 to 5:00 and covering nine to twenty miles of water (depending on flows), anglers on this trip work through the various periods of the day from the fish’s perspective, changing flies and rigs to imitate different aquatic insects, altering depth or type of water fished in response to the behavior of the fish. In addition to the sheer amount of water covered and the variety of feeding patterns experienced through the day, the full day trip provides more time and flexibility for working a pod of rising fish, stopping to wade a productive shelf line, or making multiple passes at suspended fish on a seam.


A 5.25% state parks use fee will be applied to trip at checkout.


Departure Time:

8:00 AM

Trip Type:

Float Fishing


Arkansas River

Leaves From:

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Salida Office

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