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Antero Reservoir Float-Tube - Full Day

Impounding the South Fork of the South Platte River, Antero Reservoir fills a shallow basin near Hartsel, CO. Often cited as one of most biologically productive stillwater fisheries in North America, trout resident to its waters feed on chironomids, calibaetis, damselflies, leeches, and one another, growing at rates that defy conventional biology and to a size that thrills anglers from throughout the region. With exceptional fishing during early summer, when runoff can roil the waters of the Arkansas River, Antero Reservoir has become a popular alternative fishing location at that time of year, as well as a May-September destination in its own right.


Departure Time:

5:30 AM from Salida, 6:00 AM from Buena Vista

Trip Type:

Float Fishing


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Leaves From:

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